Hand Churned

Handmade Butter Handbook

by Fred Sorenson

Posted on May 5, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Handmade bread with hand churned butter.

Grinding spices, kneading bread, tenderizing meat, mashing potatoes....
Somethings are just more satisfying doing them by hand.
Add churning butter to that list.


The tactile feel of whipping fresh cream into delicious handmade butter is just what's been missing from your meal prep.

It's been a while since we dusted off the old reliable churn, but seeing the latest offering from Churncraft made us crave that fresh butter flavor.

Check out their website for the butter making rundown videos, articles and recipes.

If you're looking for a budget friendly alternative, we've got you covered. The Kilner 34-Ounce Butter Churn keeps the old fashion charm while adding the easy clean features that make it a breeze to get back to cooking (or eating) once you're done.

Handmade bread with hand churned butter.

The Cream

Heavy cream, at room temp.

It's really that simple. But as is the case with simple things, it’s up to the quality of the ingredients. Don't skimp on the quality here, it will show. Local heavy cream probably isn't easy to come by if you live outside of Wisconsin, that shouldn't stop you from buying fresh! Skip the store brand and opt for something produced as close as possible. As with all dairy, look for the longest expiration window for the cleanest tasting butter.

Handmade bread with hand churned butter.

The Mix Ins

Think of homemade butter as a blank canvas, crying out for your flavor ideas. Everything is in your control.

Smash some rosemary in a mortar, add a pinch of kosher salt and fold it into the butter with a rubber spatula for the perfect homemade bread spread.

For a summer barbeque, cook down ripe mango, honey, agave and chili peppers (a tiny amount of haberno without the seeds works great). Puree the mixture in a food processor, strain and cool, then toss it in with a fresh batch of butter. Baste it on your grilled corn for a sure fire crowd pleaser.

Still reading this? Go to the kitchen, the market, or Amazon, get what you need, and start cooking. The butter won't churn itself!

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